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A short clip revealing what Congress is up to

Have you ever wanted to thank one of our men or women in uniform, but weren't quite sure of what to say? CLICK here

To discover the truth about the Origin of Life and the Universe: CLICK HERE

Richard Dawkins, one of the main spokesmen for Evolution, is stumped on a simple, but core principle necessary for Macro-Evolution to work. CLICK HERE for short video.

Red Skelton on our Pledge of Allegiance - Important!

Following are various commentaries on the Law of The Sea Treaty (LOST). This is an extremely important current debate which is being pushed through the Senate and not covered by the mainstream media.

• Phyllis Schlafly on the Law Of The Sea Treaty (LOST) - 3 min.
•Will United States Sovereignty Be Lost? Part 1 of 2 - 6 min.
•Will United States Sovereignty Be Lost? Part 2 of 2 - 6 min.
•Law of Sea Treaty Hurts American Sovereignty - 2 min.
•L.O.S.T and United States sovereignty - 7 min.
•CPAS LOST Issue Ad - 30 sec.
•Law of the Sea Treaty - Part 1 - 5 min.
•Law of the Sea Treaty - Part 2 - 5 min.

Commentary on important current events affecting our liberties.

An interesting discussion between an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles and a Muslim on Al-Jazeera television.
• ACLU Shops for 9th Circuit judge to shutdown commonsense immigration law.
• Rediscovering God in America by David Barton
• American Solutions for Winning the Future Workshop Videos
• Nonpartisan American Solutions for Winning the Future - An important presentation by Newt Gingrich - Please Watch!

•Alan Keys on the importance of Family, and other important issues.

• F-22 Raptor flight demo - impressive!

Wake up America, the Threat is REAL!
• How to destroy America!
• Cal Thomas Stands by Anti-Islamist Comments (Finally some common sense.)
• History of the Black Regiment (pastors) and their effect on our war for independence, by John Weaver about 47 min, worth your time.
• A good review of States Rights, by John Weaver, about 42 min. also worth your time.
• Bush 1 on new world order. Could this be the basis of Bush 2's agreement with Canada and Mexico at his ranch March 2005 on the Security and Prosperity Partnership and the reason he has resisted border security? 3 min.
Getting serious about border security, WWII style 1 min. +
FedEx vs. Government Bureaucracy -- Newt Gingrich 3 min.
A New Birth of Freedom - Newt Gingrich 3 min.
No to McCain-Kennedy, Yes to Border Security - Newt Gingrich 1 min.
• Press One For English 3.5 min song
Pat Buchanan on the loss of our culture, borders, toward a one world order 8 min. (part 1 of 5)
• North American Union & NAFTA Super Highway, Lou Dobbs 3 min.

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