Help preserve our liberties, freedoms, culture, founding values, and Constitutional Republic.
Please sign the Petition to Stop the Treason to our Constitution - CLICK HERE


Estimates for citizens and others under the control of their own country that were murdered during the 20th Century, outside of direct military combat, now exceeds 260 million.
It wasn't the guns that killed these people, it was the persons holding these guns, as directed by their own governments, after the guns had been confiscated from these law abiders.
Guns don't kill people any more that pencils misspell words. CLICK HERE for more background.
Our founders understood how people were controlled and destroyed because they couldn't defend themselves -
Think twice before you allow our government to violate our
2nd Amendment rights "to keep and bear arms"!

A message from We the People you will not hear on the national media networks. CLICK HERE

Short 2 min video on our nation's founding CLICK HERE

Glenn Beck on support for our military vs. another political war, & should the SEALS be punished for doing their jobs, Tuesday, 11-24-09  -  CLICK HERE

Carmen gives the answers to our nation's problems in 6 minutes - CLICK HERE

Congress is at it again, trying to pass Cap and Trade. Many believe this would be a devastating initiative to our job growth, trade deficit, national debt, etc. CLICK HERE for a short video on the Global Warming that is the alleged reason for Cap and Trade

Good speech at the 9-12 D.C. March by Rev. C. L. Bryant
Worth your time PART 1 3 min., PART 2, 51 sec.

Infanticide is NOT CHANGE I can believe in. CLICK HERE and you decide if you agree with Obama.
Our Declaration of Independence states that we have a God given Right to Life, Liberty, And the Pursuit of Happiness. President Obama speaks on the subject of responsibility. Should the government provide for our happiness with someone else's money or is the responsibility our own! CLICK HERE and you decide.
For some interesting remarks by Allen Keyes CLICK HERE
Shocking information about Obama and World Politics -
You decide: PART 1, PART 2
Health Care rationing is already here in our current Government run Health Care programs - It will only get worse with National Health Care. CLICK HERE to see what an Atlanta Doctor has to contend with now!
Please view an important trailer on The Fall of the Republic
An important Tea Party speech reflecting sentiments of
We the People across our beloved nation.
Comments from CNN making fun of States Rights

CLICK on the above for the latest
Must Read Conservative News

CLICK HERE to view the real motive behind health care

The Tea Party movement is growing, citizens are rising up. PLEASE - read the revised Common Sense as it will provide you with a clear understanding of our founding principles and a path for our return.        CLICK HERE

Footage of a FEMA Instructor teaching police and firefighters that the "Founding Fathers were terrorist," and demonizing Christians and patriots. CLICK HERE to view.

Please CLICK HERE to view a huge turnout of Georgia citizens lining the route from Peachtree City to McDonough, GA , to honor SSgt John Beale, June 11, 2009, one of our fallen heroes, on the way to his final resting place - this will truly bless your heart and make you proud to be an American!

To learn what our Doctors say about health care, and to see their petition, please go to

Debunking the Global Warming Scam     CLICK HERE
Please view the truth from scientists around the world.

A MUST READ on our monetary system before it is
too late!    CLICK HERE

The Law by Frédéric Bastiat. One of the most classic essays on law ever written. It was to warn the French in 1850 of the dangers of socialism. This should warn us of history repeating itself today. Turn off the TV and -

From their own mouths, the proposed health care plan is only the first step toward a government controlled single payer health plan allowing government bureaucrats to control one of the largest sectors of our economy.
CLICK HERE and you decide.

Reagan explains how socialized health care will be the Trojan Horse used to change our freedom based, consent of the governed Constitutional Republic into a government controlled socialist country based upon one of the isms, Communism, Marxism, Fascism, all of which are totalitarian forms of government which subordinates the rights of the individual in order to advance the interests of the state. CLICK HERE to view & you decide.

CLICK HERE to view VA Congressman Forbes review the evidence of our nation's Judeo-Christian foundations.
CLICK HERE to view a short video about our nation's
War on God - paid for with your tax money!

"We the People" is what the Tea Parties are all about.
It is about reigning in the violations to our Constitution!
CLICK HERE for a song expressing the sentiment
"We the People"

Please CLICK HERE to read The Letter that was featured on the Glenn Beck Program and represents the issues so important citizens across our beloved nation.

Please take the Survey for Conservatives at:

PLEASE - Watch these 5 videos that makeup a single presentation by Bob McEwen, past congressman, entitled
Politics Easy as Pie
Bob clearly explains how our form of government, is different from socialism and other forms of tyrannical governments that steal our liberties. He explains how economics impacts our freedoms, the importance of character, the consequences of God centered vs. man centered world views, the separation of powers, and other important principles our nation was founded upon. These are all critically important principles we need to understand in order to fight off the accelerating loss of freedoms in our nation, and the coarsening of our culture.   These are all MUST SEE VIDEOS! (8 to 10 min. ea.)

U.S. Constitution and What to Do About It!
Obama Is Remaking America Into Socialism
Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum
CLICK HERE for video and article

Our News Media has been given broad Constitutional authority to print the news in order for citizens to know the truth about what is happening in our nation. This was so that "We the People" could better control our government through our elected officials. --- For decades our major media outlets have chosen sides and primarily supported the Left's Liberal Agenda. --
The Russian newspaper Pravda has finally exposed the truth about the dumbing down by our government schools, the liberalization of our churches, lack of knowledge of our Constitution, and so many other problems that have been hidden from our citizens by our own news media.

CLICK HERE to read the Pravda article entitled:

American capitalism gone with a whimper

If you believe that our nation has turned its back on our Creator by impeaching God from all of our institutions, schools,

and universities, and if you believe it is way past time that we as a nation turned back to HIM, please click on the Call 2 Fall logo.

If you believe it is way past time that we learn the Biblical Foundations of our Nation, our Culture, our Institutions, our families, handling our finances, and much, much, more -
CLICK HERE to learn about the American Vision Conference entitled:
The Great Reversal
CLICK HERE for a short video about the conference.

Obama's nominations for Judges pose a significant threat to our freedoms, property, culture, and limited Constitutional Republic.
IMPORTANT - CLICK HERE to find out why.

CLICK HERE to see a video of Obama's nomination for Supreme Court Justice and why she should be denied the nomination - Judges must: 1. Discover the law (Determine the intent of the lawgiver), 2. Recite the law, and then,
3. Apply the law. Justice should be blind and applied equally to all. Judges are NOT to set public policy that is the job of our elected officials. The 14th Amendment requires justice to be applied equally to all Citizens. To make your position known, please contact your Senators to the right.     >>>>>>>>>>>>

Madison, the Father of our Constitution said in Federalist Paper #47:

"Were the power of judging joined with the legislative, the life and liberty of the subject would be exposed to arbitrary control, for THE JUDGE would then be THE LEGISLATOR. Were it joined to the executive power, THE JUDGE might behave with all the violence of AN OPPRESSOR." Source find the word: judging
Also see Federalist #78 and search for the word: judiciary

Can you recite the Preamble of our Constitution any better than Barney? CLICK HERE to view.
CLICK HERE to learn 52 of the most important words supporting our liberties.
A critically important message from presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin about how we as American citizens are about to lose some of our most important freedoms, especially our 2nd Amendment. Change we can't allow.
PLEASE CLICK HERE for this must read warning!
CLICK HERE for Dr. Baldwin's bio.

Obama canceled the traditional White House National Day of Prayer meeting. CLICK HERE and view his mocking and demeaning of the Holy Scriptures and you will better understand why, and better determine his Christian beliefs.

CLICK HERE to view the world wide tidal wave of Islamic demographics.

CLICK HERE to read about the history and values of the American Progressivism movement.

CLICK HERE to see if you are considered a Right Wing Extremist according to OUR OWN Homeland Security Dept.
Confirmation of the above document.

CLICK HERE to hear Brandon Howse interview a former terrorist turned Christian.

Anyone who believes you can negotiate with Islamic Terrorists must CLICK HERE

Is our Federal Government operating outside of the Constitutional authority that "We the People" authorized by their extorting banks to accept or keep TARP funds? CLICK HERE and you decide?

Is Obama a natural born citizen as required by Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, of our U.S. Constitution? CLICK HERE for information not covered by our mainstream media, and YOU decide.

CLICK HERE for a video on America's real form of government - It is NOT a Democracy!

CLICK HERE to hear Sen. Tom Coburn speak before the Heritage Foundation. You will hear a conservative statesman lay the majority of our nation's problems at the feet of Congress. He also speaks on our first principles, the Enumerated Powers Act, the proposed health care plan (as a physician), why Republicans lost their way, and many more important issues - this is worth your time!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Enumerated Powers [protection] act

CLICK HERE to view Daniel Hannan MEP: The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government, a warning we should heed in the USA as we are headed down the same road.

Click on the following to see more scientific evidence to refute any notion of catastrophic man made global climate change:
PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 (especially important)

CLICK HERE to view Rush Limbaugh at CPAC and see what the fuss is all about.

CLICK HERE to view Mike Huckabee's CPAC Speech.

CLICK HERE to see a history of what has really happened in the
Middle East

CLICK HERE to see: Suzanna Gratia Hupp explain meaning of 2nd Amendment to Congress!

CLICK HERE to see: Shocking Video Unearthed Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis.

CLICK HERE to see: White Males Need Not Apply For Stimulus Package- Racism is Alive and Well in the "White House" on Fox News

CLICK HERE to see: Explosive Video Reich, Obama's economic advisor no "White Male Construction Workers" - Class warfare?

CLICK HERE to hear Sen. Tom Coburn speak out on the Economic Recovery Bill, and the abuses to OUR Constitution, Feb. 13, 2009 - This is worth your time!

CLICK HERE to hear the rest of Sen Coburn's speech above including information on government control and rationing of your health care - VERY IMPORTANT information!

CLICK HERE To hear Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) place the blame for our economic crisis exactly where it belongs -
In the lap of Congress!

CLICK HERE View economic discussion between Ron Paul and Bernake.

CLICK HERE to understand the the last administration's efforts to avert today's economic crisis and how Congress fought against earlier solutions.

CLICK HERE to see How Congress Failed To Protect Our Economy.

CLICK HERE to see What Caused Our Economic Crisis.

CLICK HERE to view a potential housing solution.

CLICK HERE to see how Islam is slowly moving towards world domination.

CLICK HERE to understand the new math now used in Congress.

CLICK HERE and see how you do on our American Heritage test.

CLICK HERE To view Ronald Reagan on the importance of our nation's history.

CLICK HERE for Community Organizing Explained

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Please view this important video on Immigration
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Skeptics of the Global Warming Debate speak out.
The Cap and Trade initiative now in Congress relies heavily on the belief that Global Warming is a fact. CLICK HERE for the other side of this important debate that is not covered in the news media.

To see petition of 31,000 scientists against man made Global Warming CLICK HERE
For more on the Global Warming Hoax CLICK HERE

Freedom is the result of having made good decisions! Checkout the videos below and see if that is what is happening in our nation today.

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Center for Individual Freedom

Georgia Christian Alliance - Networking Conservatives to Impact Public Policy

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