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POC Newsletter #15 - A Review

A copy of the Archives page - With brief summaries

Please take your time with good a review in order to assure a good understanding for future newsletters and to be better prepared to hold your elected officials accountable. We will wait for a week before sending out the next newsletter .

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Newsletter - 1 - Separation of Church and State the Myth

What the 1st Amendment really says.

Newsletter - 2 - Separation of Church and State - Origin of phrase

So where would you find the phrase, "A wall of separation between church and state,"...?

Newsletter - 3 - Separation of Church and State - evidence of Myth

Irrefutable evidence that the 1st Amendment was intended to keep the Federal Government out of religion – Not to prevent the state governments and localities from involving themselves in religious activities.

Newsletter- 4 - Review of Federalist Papers

What are the Federalist Papers, and are they really important and still pertinent?

Newsletter - 5 - National law supreme, BUT

Only where there is Constitutionally prescribed authority.

Newsletter - 6 - Limited nature of federal government

And the unlawful grab for power under the General Welfare clause, and evolution into a living breathing Constitution dictated by judges and university professors.

Newsletter - 7 - Judicial authority

The Constitution confers judicial powers or judgment, not legislative powers; how to recognize abuses.

Newsletter - 8 - People ultimate earthly authority

We are responsible for the ultimate control over government.

Newsletter - 9 - Judges neither force nor will

“The judiciary may be said to have neither FORCE nor WILL, merely judgment....The judiciary, … can take no active resolution whatever.” + The effect of judicial tyranny.

Newsletter - 10 - Examples of Judicial abuse of power

Lawrence v. Texas, an example of judicial abuse of power, and the responsibility of Congress to stop Judicial abuse.

Newsletter - 11 - The real reason for Impeachment

Our lost understanding - what our founders really said.

Newsletter - 12 - U.S. Supreme Court precedents restricting Judicial authority to that authorized

Two clear precedent setting Supreme Court cases in harmony with judicial limits imposed by the Constitutional and as explained in the Federalist Papers.

Newsletter - 13 - A call to action: Constitution Restoration Act of 2004

LetterToSenatorsS520.htm - Copy and paste for email to senators in support of S 520, The 2005 Constitution Restoration Act.

LetterToRepresentativesHR1070.htm - Copy and paste for email to reps in support of HR 1070, The 2005 Constitution Restoration Act.

Newsletter - 14 - Review of the links



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