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POC Newsletter #14

Before proceeding let's review some of the links to the right.

First is American Vision. Their goals are:

"Equipping & Empowering Christians to Restore America's Biblical Foundation"

This is an excellent resource for articles, books, and links in support of their goals. Their Restore America Rally will be held in Powder Springs, GA, April 22nd. The keynote speaker is Judge Roy Moore. For information click: Rally.

Wallbuilders is a top site for those who want to know more about our nations founding values. David Barton is my primary resource on America's founding values. Their stated purpose is:

"WallBuilders is an organization dedicated to presenting America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built."

Webster's 1828 Dictionary is a must if you want to know what words meant during our founding era. Checking definitions like education, politics, and sin, will clearly highlight our nation's moral decline. is an excellent site for communicating with your federally elected officials. With only your zip code, you can pull up your congressman, senators, and the president. You can contact any or all of them with a single formatted e-mail letter, or for a small charge have a hard copy hand delivered.

Project Vote Smart is similar. You can find bio's, contact information, voting records, and other valuable information on both sites.

Mike Riddle and ICR are excellent sites for learning more about the sound science supporting the six day Biblical account of creation, and the weakness of the science supporting evolution. Riddle has several excellent PowerPoint presentations, free for the downloading. Both sites have tremendous resources for those who want to know more, and/or teach their children both sides of the evolution debate. Evolution has been a destructive force in our culture, laws, and education.

Thomas is the primary source for finding proposed and passed legislation, sponsors of bills, their status, recorded votes, Congressional Records, and more.

The Federalist Patriot claims to be the most subscribed e-journal, and the Internet's leading journal on Federalism and the Founders. There is a vast amount of resources available for home schoolers and others who want to know more about our founding, founding documents, and more. There is a new "Founder's Quote" daily on their Home Page, and available as a daily subscription in addition to their regular e-journals. Check their Historic Documents.

The Find Law links are tailored to take you directly to the resources noted.


Useful Sites:

Webster's 1828 Dictionary


Project Vote Smart

Mike Riddle - Creation Science

Answers In Genesis

Institute for Creation Research

US Constitution

Amendments to the Constitution

Declaration of Independence

Thomas - Legislative info 


Find Law for U.S. Supreme Court cases

Find Law for US Federal and State Laws

Official US Time

Post a Blogg


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