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POC Separation of Church and State Newsletter #10

WorldNet Daily        Wednesday, March 2, 2005


U.N. influence on court's juvenile execution ban

In 5-4 case, majority ruling based on global treaties, foreign opinions

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Congressman Ron Paul explains the danger of our judges looking outside of our Constitution for their rulings in: Whose Justice?

The Court tells us the new term for this is Transjudicialism.

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In LAWRENCE V. TEXAS (02-102)41 S. W. 3d 349

The US Supreme Court referred to international courts and law in their ruling that states could no longer pass laws against sodomy:

     “Of even more importance, … the European Court of Human Rights considered a case with parallels to today’s case. … The court held that the laws proscribing the conduct (homosexuality) were invalid under the European Convention on Human Rights.  Dudgeon v. United Kingdom, 45 Eur. Ct. H. R. (1981) ¶52.  …”

The US Federal Courts have NO authority to look to international law for their rulings! 

They are sworn to uphold our US Constitution and the laws that flow from the U.S. Constitution.

Other cases where federal courts have exceeded their authority are:

  • Ninth circuit saying “Under God” is unconstitutional given that the First amendment takes religion off the table for the federal government.
  • The ninth circuit ruling that the 2nd amendment does not “confer the right to own or possess rifles or pistols to the average citizen.”  The Constitution does not confer any rights – it protects our God given rights that preceded the Constitution.
  • The eleventh circuit telling Judge Roy Moore and Alabama, they cannot recognize the Judeo-Christian God.  All 50 of our state Constitutions refer God or a higher Deity.

The United States Supreme Court has clearly, and repeatedly, held that any judge who acts without jurisdiction is engaged in an act of treason.

U.S. v. Will, 449 U.S. 200, 216, 101, S. Ct. 471, 66 L.Ed. 2d 392, 406 (1980): Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat) 264, 404, 5 L.Ed 257 (1821).

Justice Story appointed to the Supreme Court by James Madison and considered “the foremost of political writers” advised:             (pg 12, Barton’s Impeachment)

"On every question of construction carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, … and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed."

Impeachment, David Barton, Wallbuilders, pg. 22

The Congress has the ultimate governmental authority and responsibility to stop judicial abuses of power.

Sometimes we need to turn up the heat for them to see the light.

During the impeachment proceedings against Justice Samuel Chase for his arbitrary and far reaching uses of judicial power,

[Chief-Justice John] Marshall observed:

“… [T]he present doctrine seems to be that a judge giving a legal opinion contrary to the opinion of the legislature is liable to impeachment.” 60

Impeachment, Wallbuilders, David Barton, pg. 19

60. John Marshall, The Papers of John Marshall, Charles F Hobson, editor (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1990), Vol. VI, p..347, to Samuel Chase onJanuary23, 23,1805.

The next newsletter will clarify the purpose of impeachment and the meaning of “High crimes and misdemeanors.”

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